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    Medicare Reimbursement Since 1983, Medicare Part B has provided partial reimbursement for extra-depth shoes and inserts for qualifying patients with diabetes. Medical experts agree that many amputations resulting from diabetes-related foot complications can be prevented by appropriate, properly fitting footwear. To qualify for Medicare reimbursement, your certifying physician (M.D. or D.O.) must confirm that: You have diabetes mellitus. You exhibit one or more of these at-risk factors: Partial or complete foot amputation History of previous foot ulceration History of pre-ulcerative callus Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation Foot deformity Poor circulation You are being treated under a comprehensive care plan for your diabetes and would benefit from therapeutic footwear.   Diabetes and Your Feet Diabetes causes nerve damage and reduced circulation that can be hazardous to your feet. Deterioration of your peripheral nerves (Doctors call it “neuropathy.”) reduces sensation in your extremities, so you may not feel it when you hurt your feet. Poor blood circulation can also make it difficult for foot injuries and infections to heal. That’s why even a small bump or cut can result in serious consequences if it goes without timely medical attention.   Why Footwear Matters Well-made, properly fitting footwear can help you avoid complications associated with diabetes, including unnecessary amputations. Dr. Comfort offers a complete footwear system for men and women with diabetes. Shoes • The extra width and depth of Dr. Comfort shoes alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes for a more comfortable fit.• Our supportive, lightweight shoe design protects your feet — and helps you stay active.• Heat-molded inserts personalize the fit of your Dr. Comfort shoes. Socks • Dr. Comfort socks promote blood circulation while reducing the moisture and microbial growth that can cause infections. Slippers • Dr. Comfort slippers protect for your feet from injury around the house. • Learn more about The Dr. Comfort Difference. Medicare and Medicaid often provide coverage of Dr. Comfort shoes and inserts because quality, custom-fit footwear is key to the ongoing foot health of people with diabetes. See if you qualify.   What Else You Can Do To protect your feet against the complications of diabetes, follow these simple tips: • Carefully bathe and dry your feet daily to prevent infections.• Avoid walking around barefoot or in open sandals to prevent injuries to your feet. • Quit smoking to maintain healthy blood circulation.      

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